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16th October, 2015 No Comments

Moving crowd in a international exhibition

How does everyone else make it look so easy?

Setting up a retail business often means significant regular costs that can make you feel like a cloud is permanently overhead – just waiting to open up and drench you!

This burden puts a great deal of pressure on cash flow and the ability to maintain morale. The following tips will help you focus on the values and benefits offered by your business.

Be extraordinary in your visual presence. Your ability to trigger peoples imagination long enough to stop in their tracks is often enough to get them to step inside.

Make a feature of the window space or free standing signage but ensure to change it regularly with interesting new ideas or attractions relevant to your service/ product.

Get interactive and step outside and greet people. Hand out info packs, free tasters, special offers, setup mini stalls in high profile locations. You could also consider hosting an event to bring people to you.

Call to action and be distinctive in your brand communication. Your audience should understand clearly – and simply – what you stand for and how they can benefit from your offer. Brand and message confusion can cause uncertainty that often results as a repellent. The client journey starts well before they enter your outlet.

Be convenient and make sure people know you exist, have a launch or re-launch. Offer multiple ways to access your offer e.g. mail order; ecommerce; afterhours and weekend opening; trial offers; pre-orders notifications; telephone bookings; delivery; parking for visitors and the list goes on…

Make it easy to buy from you. Provide your clients with payment options to incentivise the purchase and become a closer match to the preferred buying pattern/choice of the consumer.

Try new things and be relevant to the desired audience. Sometimes the most unusual tactics get the desired results but you may need to go through a variety before identifying what works for you.

Select a high traffic location. It sounds obvious but location is king. However the costs can be prohibitive so a creative approach may be needed. For example: a collaborative relationship with other businesses to co-habit a particularly well located shop (temporarily, permanently or even mobile) to retail complimentary products or services, spreading the risk/costs and direct people to your main outlet.

and finally ……

Learn from the best and gain some ideas. You do not need to reinvent the wheel or innovate to succeed. For example, supermarkets and department stores often make use of smell or organics to motivate purchase by triggering a positive emotional reaction. This is done by placing the fruit and veg on entry in a supermarket or perfume and cosmetics stalls near entry doorways in a department store.

Written by Fardad Amirsaeedi, NBV Enterprise Solutions


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