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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Regents University
Regent’s Park


The Levitt Group 5 Great Minds events bring together leading executives, academics and authors to share their knowledge with the CIM’s most experienced and senior members. It is an opportunity to listen to and question experts at the forefront of their field, a value for time way to maintain your professional knowledge and gain CPD hours. At this event, we will hear from:

Michael Bevans, Yahoo: Data Driven Marketing in an Agnostic World
Advertisers want to reach users seamlessly across devices but this is easier said than done. How can advertisers do this?

Fred Jones, Uber: Uber is a digitally disruptive business, but what is it actually disrupting?
Uber is often touted as an example of ‘disruptive business’. But what is Uber actually disrupting and what challenges and opportunities does this present the firm.

Karen Smart, Academy of Executive Coaching: Coaching to support cultural change in organisations
Coaching has proven benefits to individuals and organisations. But how can coaching be applied in practice?

Dr Chiara Garratini, Intel: Technology, Health and User Experience
Technology can transform wellness and illness but only if humans can work with it. How can anthropology and ethnography improve the human/technology interface,

Nigel Vaz, Sapient: Brand Engagement in an Omni-Channel World
Customer engagement remains the goal of all brands but the routes to that goal have changed and are changing. How can brands engage the customer in a global, omni-channel world?



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