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9:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Rougemont Hotel
Queen St


The training events are aimed at exporting and trading individuals or companies, of all sizes and government organisations, and cater for a wide range of knowledge levels.

Pre-course knowledge: aimed at those who have previously attended the ‘Beginner Workshop’, or who already have a basic knowledge of the controls and/or those who require a deeper understanding. The day comprises a series of presentations on the following:

• Control Lists

– How the lists are compiled and details on the types of goods, software and technology specified therein.

• Technology

– What is technology? How can a company decide if the technology is licensable?

– Different means of technology transfer

– Compliance and record-keeping related to technology.

• Trade

– The trade and brokering services controls – i.e. trafficking and brokering, covering both the goods and the activities specified.

• End-Use Controls

– Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) (catch-all) and military end-use controls.

• Licence types and the licensing process

– The different types of licence, common pitfalls when completing a licence application and how decisions are reached on whether to issue or refuse a licence.

• Compliance

– Why we have compliance visits and what to expect during one.

• Concluding remarks including staff training

– Addressing export control

– Ideas on how to approach staff training and why it is important

– Why things go wrong and the consequences.

An external speaker from HMRC, FCO, MoD, industry or a trade association will be invited to present where possible, to give a different perspective on their role within strategic export controls / the application of export controls.


To register for this event, contact Denise Carter for an application form:

Awareness Co-ordinator

Export Control Organisation

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

1 Victoria Street

Orchard 3

London, SW1H 0ET

E-mail: [email protected]

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