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9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


NBV Enterprise Centre
David Lane


The aim of this workshop is to familiarise yourself with the equipment and give you the basic knowledge to record and edit a short piece of footage. You’ll get to spend some time in front of the camera (if you wish!) but the workshop is more about learning how to operate the equipment and edit footage. If you’re looking to record your own promo or video blog then other packages will be more suitable.

This half-day workshop will cover the following areas of video production for
your business:
Setting Up the Studio
• Placing the subject
• Lighting the subject
• Choosing an audio solution
• Setting up audio and placing mics
• Setting up talkback

This first section is taught in a discussion format with the trainer and the rest of the group. You will see how the equipment is set up and finish this section knowing what is needed for good footage and audio.

Shooting the Footage

Framing camera
• Checking lighting
• Focus
• Checking audio levels
• Creating suitable folders on Mac
• Working the capture software
• Interacting with the subject and using talkback

This section will start in the control room. As a group, you will talk through the content initially and then shoot four takes. This means that every delegate will get an opportunity to be the subject and operate the camera and Mac.
Editing the Footage

• Importing assets into Premiere
• Overview of the Premiere GUI
• Simple editing (cuts and transitions)
• Adding titles
• Adding music
• Improving and altering colour

There will be four sets of footage at this stage (each with a different delegate being the subject). You will discuss as a group and edit as a group, whilst continually taking turns to operate the Mac. Everyone will get a chance to do some simple editing.
Each person will also do one of the following: adding titles at beginning, adding text at the end, adding music and altering colour.

Exporting the Footage

• Exporting in premiere
• Talk about generational degradation
• Common formats
• Youtube uploading
• Internet embedding
Everyone in the group will get a turn at exporting their own footage. There will be 4 different situations of exporting: audio only, low-quality H264, higher quality H264 and a top quality master render. There will then be a discussion on how to utilise,
share and display video content.

Please note that Green Screen tuition is not included in this workshop and you will not come away with any completed footage. During the workshop you will record footage, however this will be for use in the workshop only and may not be suitable for any other use. There may be an opportunity to take any test footage and you will need a 64mb memory stick to do this – however NBV cannot guarantee that you will receive any footage nor that any footage received would be suitable for use outside of the workshop. If you wish to produce completed footage other packages will be more suited to you needs and you should contact us for further details

For further information call 0844 887 2568


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