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Shelley and Stuart get things moving with valuable business advice

I am sure they will do well. They are grounded, experienced, focused and have been so receptive to the mentoring Glenn Watts, Business Advisor, BES

With combined industry experience of over 17 years, Shelley Lloyd and Stuart Beaty set up Celsium to provide a full suite of employee relocation management services to international and domestic organisations. Having identified a loss of customer focus by traditional relocation management companies, Celsium aims to offer clients a market-beating tailored service, with three strong values at its core – respect, integrity and empathy.

A quick lesson in raising finance was necessary when their planned first client pulled out at the last minute after forgetting to factor in UK tax implications! Gaining confidence in decision making was also challenging as they felt empowered, but also more cautious as they realised the greater impact of their decisions. Growing their customer base felt challenging at first, but became clear once they split out their roles and focus.

Shelley and Stuart received over 16 hours of support from Business Advisor Glenn Watts at BES in the form of numerous one-to-ones and two networking events. The programme also prompted them to discuss for the first time how the business and they as individuals were performing. With clear advice from Glenn they obtained a Virgin StartUp Loan of £26,540 and  a partnership with the Commonwealth Trade Initiative.

Glenn also provided invaluable advice on focusing their sales strategy and helped them to secure a client with huge future potential. Within the next 3-6 months it is planned that the business will grow from employing two directors to four staff in total.

Shelley and Stuart are clients of BES, delivering support in the West Midlands for National Enterprise Network.

Under the Start & Grow programme Shelley and Stuart received 16 hours of support and attended several training days.  They created 2 jobs, and leveraged £26,540 in finance with a commitment to ongoing investment in the business.

Celsium has since seen an increase in turnover of between 50% and 70%.

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