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Enjoy a cuppa and a slice in TranquiliTea

It has been a challenge but worth it and the business has got off to a flying start! We are now looking forward to our future running our dream business! Clare Jardin

TranquiliTea Cake and Tea Emporium is a beautiful vintage style tearoom serving delicious breakfasts, light lunches and afternoon tea. It specialises in a variety of teas and home-made cakes with a specially designed children’s area to keep the little ones entertained. There is also a party room upstairs and a bespoke celebration cake making service.

Clare Jardine approached BBV with her business idea, and her dream of setting up a teashop in Manchester.  With the help of her Business Adviser and some excellent support and advice, Clare’s idea is now a reality.

The programme made a real difference in helping to develop business and financial plans that were robust enough to get the finance needed.  “The support ensured we had properly planned everything we needed to do to achieve our vision, and make the business a success.” says Clare. “It also helped us avoid some common pitfalls of starting in business, and enabled us to do everything professionally and legally.

“It was a challenge to find exactly the right location and premises as we knew this was key to success!  When we eventually found our shop in an area where we had identified a real gap in the market, we knew we had exactly the place we wanted.”

The tea shop was much busier than anticipated as soon as it opened, and Clare had to quickly recruit and train more staff to ensure they could provide the excellent service Clare was committed to giving her customers.

Clare Jardin is a client of BBV, the Cavendish partner enterprise agency giving support to start up business in the North West of England.  She received 15 hours of support and undertook 1 day’s training.  The business leverage £10,000 and created 7 jobs.

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