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Brett Francis - Divert Traffic Solutions

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Brett gets Solutions through business support programme

My Start & Grow mentor is knowledgeable and experienced. His efficiency and effectiveness really helped to ease the pressure as a new business start up. Brett Francis, Divert Traffic Solutions

Divert Traffic Solutions was launched by Brett Francis in March 2016 offering a range of services for traffic management systems.

Brett was very aware that any servicing, repair, maintenance, or construction project carried out on roads, pavements, or services running underneath either, are legally required to have a certified Traffic Management System in place to ensure safety and to manage the disrupted traffic flow.  Brett had many years experience of planning and delivering these services as an employee, but saw an opportunity to improve the provision of the service and this led him to launch his own business offering traffic management services across the UK.

Brett faced two challenges in starting on his own.  Firstly he needed to find a small team of people that could join the business from the start, enabling the full set of services to be on offer from the outset.  Secondly he required investment capital to purchase equipment and get the business up and running.

With support from Phil Harrison, Business Growth Advisor at Airedale Enterprise Services, Brett was guided through funding options and received help to create a persuasive loan application showcasing the viability of the proposed business.  As a result Brett received offers for two start up loans amounting to £20,000 and was able to launch the business.  “Brett and his colleagues knew what they wanted to achieve and what they needed to start and build a successful business.” said Phil.

Divert Traffic Solutions has already developed a strong and durable customer base, delivering a strong revenue stream.

Brett Francis is a client of National Enterprise Network and received help from Airedale Enterprise Services who deliver business support in Yorkshire & Humber on behalf of NEN.

Under the Start & Grow programme, Brett received 15 hours of support.  The business leveraged finance of £20,000 and has created 3 jobs.

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