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We are a group of highly respected enterprise agencies from across the country, who have come together working in partnership to deliver nationwide contracts supporting start up and growing businesses.

Through working together we have successfully delivered government initiatives such as the Growth Vouchers scheme and Ready for Business programme, to thousands of businesses in England. The benefits to these businesses have been both financial and supportive, with qualified advice and training from expert business advisors within each region. By providing support and finance, we are proactively helping the economy by creating jobs, and partnerships for the benefit of both the local and wider communities.

If you’re thinking of starting or growing your own business, or are looking for more information about Cavendish Enterprise, you’ll find all that we have to offer right here…

Cavendish Enterprise

Our most recent initiative, Start & Grow, is funded by the Regional Growth Fund and delivers support and training to potential entrepreneurs across England. The programme is available to those looking to start a business which expects to employ people from its early stages and where start-up financing will be required to get the venture off the ground.

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